April 1, 2013

a big project.

"Opportunities will come + go, but if you do nothing about them, so will you."

I've always been inspired by Natalie Norton's heart + photography. Her raw and beautiful heart grips me every time I read any of her words. Her pictures are gorgeously rich and full of LIFE. 

Her husband is a writer, and a good one too. He wrote the book The Power of Starting Something Stupid which I have been gobbling up for the past few days. It's about taking risks and starting your dreams now instead of later. Don't let anything stop you, not fear or lack of money, or anything. It's an amazingly inspiring read. 

"You have exactly zero reasons left to wait until later." 

A break from social media and blogging isn't the whole reason why I took the month of February off. I needed some time away from everything because something very big was about to happen in my life. I needed to pray and just be away from everything that could be a distraction. And today is the day I announce to you all what that very big thing is. 

Last September, I met with Ashley, the girl who inspired me to go to Guatemala. I had just come back myself and my emotions were swirling around in my brain, without reason or rhyme. That two hour talk in Starbucks with Ashley brought me back down to Earth. We talked about the kids, and the orphanage, and "recovering." We talked about her trip with YWAM earlier that year. And we began to talk about being big dreamers.

A few months later, we met at Starbucks to chat again. We had been texting a lot and wanted to get together. This time we began to talk more about dreaming and living our lives to the fullest. As we talked, we would bring up different dreams we had. "I want to live in England some day." "No way, me too." "I would love to make a difference in the world, work with kids, and travel." "Me. Too." It was scary actually how similar our dreams were/ARE.

So in November of 2012, we officially started, C4

We met every week for two months. We planned and brainstormed and talked about where it would go and what it would do. We spent so many late nights laughing and crying over this, and TODAY FOLKS, we are announcing it to the world. 

C4 is a project that we are planning on making a non-profit organization in the near future. C4 is a project to raise awareness for Celiac Disease: A disease in which chronic failure to digest food is triggered by hypersensitivity of the small intestine to gluten. Statistics say that 3 million people in the United States have Celiac, while only 1 million know they have it. The funny thing is, neither of us have Celiac Disease. It was just put on both of our hearts and when we came together, we realized that.  It was God. It still is God. He is constantly telling us, "yes" and giving us clarity and much much faith.

Now this is all crazy and honestly, I feel like my thoughts are just spilling out on to the page in an unorganized fashion. I do intend to share a lot more about this whole endeavor on here, but our official blog is where you can find out a lot more information. We will be blogging regularly over there as well. We have big plans for this, and I'm excited. Really excited. 

If you have ANY questions, please shoot me an email. I'll be doing a FAQ post on this in the near future and would love to hear what questions you have.

But in the meantime, go over to C4 and look around and share our video with your friends and family. That would mean the world to us.

Thank you. And always, much love.


Elisha said...

SO proud of you! Going to check it out now!

Hannah Nicole said...

I am seriously so proud of you two and excited for C4. Big dreams because we have a Big God. Can't wait to see what He does through this.
ti amo, h

Megan said...

SO excited for you...this is so amazing.

Madeline said...

ohmygosh so so exciting Ellie! I love that your doing this because I have a gluten sensitivity and wish more people knew and understood!!

sarah b said...

happy happy happy news! God's so incredibly awesome!

marcia said...

this is amazing, I am excited to see it grow, even though I am not gluten free. like Hannah said, big dreams work because we have a big God.

Unknown said...

yay!!! i'm super excited for you two! God is going to do amazing thing. i. know.

Alexxus K. Farmer said...

oh, ellie! i'm so proud of you and ashley for following God wholeheartedly and taking on this amazing endeavor. i absolutely LOVE the blog, and i cannot wait to see where God takes this big dream. lots of love and hugs!

Sarah Bradshaw said...


claire said...

This is so awesome! God is going to do amazing things through you two! The video is amazing! x

Madison said...

This is so exciting Ellie! My mom and older sister were diagnosed with CD a few years ago and since then my whole family has adopted a gluten free diet, and we've been on a big road of healing learning. I'm looking forward to reading your blog as you raise awareness for Celiac Disease.

you're so inspiring Ellie! Many blessings as you embark on this new endeavor!!