April 22, 2013

happy tuesday!

i. my mom made some sourdough bread last week (recipe coming soon) and i might have eaten too many pieces. ;) 

ii. i had an engagement session in dc and i wore my turquoise maxi skirt. it's my new favorite piece of clothing.

iii. the newest addition to my room. i took a piece of foam board and used pushpins to attach pictures from last summer to it. i love it.

iv. i got new running shoes for my birthday and they have since inspired me to work out more. what is it about new shoes/clothes/anything that is inspiring? 

tell me, what have you been loving/eating/doing lately? ;) 


Marina Lind Schmitt said...

loving the sunshine (although not so much the winter/summer weather!), fresh baked bread, work days at church, spontaneous dancing with friends on the front steps, plans, babies (that are not so much babies anymore) running up to hug me, freshly mowed grass. it's the little things you know?
happiest of tuesdays to you, my dear!

Elisha said...

That skirt sound soo pretty! And all the food sounds YUM haha..
9 is coming quickly! :D

Alexxus K. Farmer said...

mmmm, that sounds delish, ellie! i loooove it when my mama makes homemade ANYTHING. ;) she made some oatmeal cinnamon bread a few weeks ago, and i probably ate four or five pieces... #noshame #itwashealthy

Mal said...

I love your shoes! New running shoes are the best :) And I totally get what you mean about them inspiring you ;)
-mal :)

megan kristine said...

your photo board is seriously the best.

Anonymous said...

Yummy-yummilicious! And those shoes... Geez I need to HAVE THEM. XD love love love everything about this post!

Jianine said...

love your photo board! (that bread looks delicious, can't wait for you to share how you made it) lovely post. x

Grace said...

Love these little snapshots. The flowing skirt is my favorite.

rachel esther said...

im so jelly of your photo board.