December 12, 2013

to the dreamers + doers + everyone in between

"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. but above all, the world needs dreamers who do." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

I just saw this quote and I realized as I was reading it that everything I had ever wanted to say about traveling and photographing and living and everything was summed up in these words. Like a ton of bricks, it hit me. 

You might be a dreamer. Someone who is always thinking ahead. You have huge dreams and plans for the future. Beautiful things like, write a book, travel across Europe, start a photography business, the list goes on. But to you, they are merely dreams. Wisps of brilliance that pass through your life like a summer breeze. They are just out of your grasp. To you, it doesn’t seem like they are reachable. 

Or, you might be a doer. Someone with a plan comes to you and BAM, you make it happen. You might even have an idea and the next day, you are on the road to making it a reality. Sometimes your plans fail, because you *do* too quickly, while other times, they turn out beautifully. Sure, you dream. But you’d much rather get your hands dirty. 

Then, there are those are are both. Doing Dreamers. You lay awake at night and make lists of everything that you want to accomplish in your lifetime. You make lists of how to make those things happen, you make lists of the money you’d need, or the places you want to go, or the people who could get involved. Your floor is littered with the action plans that make your dreams solid. And contrary to popular belief, anyone can be a “doing dreamer.”  

Be a “Doing Dreamer.” I know you have it in you. Dreams are good + healthy + they say a lot about a person. Put in the time + effort and those dreams have the potential to shoot up into the sky and rain down like sparks from a fireworks show, touching and blessing people. You have so much potential, you dreamer. Doer, take some time to dream. Then, to both of you, combine your strengths and change the world. 


sarah b said...

"I can't write."

:') that's a funny joke.

this is my favorite, ellie. <333

Unknown said...

So true! Doing dreamers. Mmmm. I want to be an all-out, all cards in, reckless abandon doing dreamer.

Madeline Hunt said...

yes yes yes!
This is exactly what I want to be, I want to dream crazy dreams and be the crazy person who actually does the things she dreams of!

Leah Miren said...


Alexxus K. Farmer said...

YOU, my friend, are a beautiful example of a dreamer that DOES.

ThePixie said...

I like this, and couldn't agree more. The world needs more dreamers who do, and doers who dream.