May 29, 2014

a friday roundup | 1

Some things I've been loving this week. 

Basically, I'm obsessed. He writes children's books + also has incredible merchandise in his store.  I'll probably be buying this very soon. I love his message as well, so much positivity + "awesome" being spread around. 

I just stumbled upon this little online store yesterday and it has the cutest stuff! I'm a sucker for cute stationary and random accessories that I probably don't need but man do I want them. This, this, and this. Favorites. 

I've been following this wonderful lady for quite a few years now and her photography work is OUT OF THIS WORLD. She just launched her rebranded blog + website and it is everything fantastic and more. If you haven't been following her work, go check it out now. If you have been following her, go back and look through her blog. That's what I do anyway. Every day. I mean... never mind. 


Jasmine Thompson has popped up on my Pandora stations a couple times and I love her voice. Perfect editing music. 

This cover of Story of My Life. The Piano Guys never fail. 

I'm such a fan of white cheddar popcorn and this is the best I have found. If your local grocery store doesn't have it, Target usually carries it. 

A little site called Unfolding Passions. ;)

What have you all been loving this week?


Catherine Grace said...

Dallas Clayton is amazing !