June 20, 2014

bryce + taylar are married! | indiana, pa wedding

We're on top of the world
We're on top of the world
Now darling, so don't let go
Can I call you mine?
So can I call you mine now, darling
For a whole life time?
My heart finally trusts my mind
And I know somehow it's right
Be My Forever - Christina Perri 

(do me a favor + put on this song while reading through this post, thanks :))

8am. June 7, 2014. "I'm outside!" I texted my second shooter, Bekah, and we packed her suitcases into my car. We had a road trip to the middle of rural Pennsylvania ahead of us. Bryce + Taylar were getting maaaarried. 

You should have heard our exclamations as we pulled up to the little town where our bed and breakfast was happily situated. Or our squeals of delight when we drove through forests and then corn fields and then around country roads en route to Taylar's family farm. Rural Pennsylvania is one of those places that you could get wonderfully lost in. The sun shone bright, there was barely any humidity... it was a perfect day to get married.

Bryce + Taylar have known each other since they were in middle-school. Young, fun, and... friends. Taylar was talking to me as she was getting her hair done and told me, "We used to play soccer with a group of friends and one day, I was walking across the field with my best friend and I told her that I loved him." I love that. I love when you know. And she just knew. And in her own words, "...and our very good friendship turned into our happily ever after!" 

These two are so special. Watching them all day made my in-love-with-love heart happy. They have been friends for so long and have waited patiently for that day. Seconds before their officiant announced them husband + wife, their smiles got even bigger and they couldn't keep still. That moment, they had been longing for. And it was right in front of them! 

After we shot their couple photos, I took a few of Bryce and I remarked on how beautiful Taylar looked. He said, "She's... beautiful. It has been torture because she bought that dress a year ago and I wasn't able to see it. She's so so gorgeous." These two, they are so in love and so happy together, in each others arms. B + T, photographing your wedding + love was an honor. Thank you for giving me that opportunity. 

P.S. I don't apologize for all of the detail shots in this post. The whole wedding was absolutely stunning beyond words. My good friend Sarah rocked the hand lettering + invitations while another friend of mine Jocelyn put together the bouquets + flower arrangements. :) 

Taylar was telling us, "I love polka dots! And I love bows! They are all over the decorations today!" In. Love. 

This quote means so much to them and I love how prominently it was displayed. Personal details add so much. 

This next set of Taylar + her dad... what you don't see is me crying behind my camera. 

Avery, the maid of honor, started out her speech in the best way possible. She said, "Hi! I'm Avery, and I'm the maid of honor. And... guys, just in case you don't know, that means *single.*" Everyone at the reception lost it. 

At most weddings, the guests chant, "Smash the cake in his/her face! Do it!!" Bryce + Taylar were whispering to each other, "I'm going to smash it in YOUR face!!" And oh friends. They SMASHED it, pun intended. 

Thank you for looking through Bryce + Taylar's wedding story, friends. And to Bekah, thank you for being my second shooter. You completely rocked this wedding. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! xoxo


Madison said...

These are some of my favorite pictures of yours. Ah, that music went perfectly with these pictures...so happy, so beautiful. Love.

Marianela said...

These are great photos, Ellie! Great job taking them! :)

Amelia Renee said...

Ellie! You are so amazing at what you do! Your eye for moments is incredible. You'll make waves in OK!:)

Allison Miller said...

You captured a magical day! These pictures are a treasure!!

Olivia said...

Oh wow. These are incredible + they are a stunning couple! The image that I just can't stop looking at is the one of the groom and the groomsmen wiping their eyes. So powerful + emotional!

Allix Ruby said...

listening to that song while browsing makes this so perfect. you're brilliant.

Ruthie said...

all of these are AMAZING!! maybe my favorite wedding ever!!! :)

Anna said...

Just a lovely wedding with it being outdoors with the beautiful flowers. Just the way a wedding should be. Especially with a cute couple who you did an amazing job capturing. I was smiling through the whole post. :)

bekah grace photography said...

ellie, i really can't handle this!! you worded everything perfectly. thanks for letting me shoot with you- one of my favorite weddings to date!

Morg said...

Some of my favorite shots you've taken! I love them! Especially the 2nd picture, The colors and crispness of these are amazing, and I love the DOF! Great pics!

alex anne said...

Ellie! This is your best wedding yet! xoxo

marcia said...

yup, i totally just teared up. ellie, oh man. this has got to be your best wedding yet. i'm completely in love. you captured the moments and day so perfectly.
i can't even say how much i love this.

allie k reid said...

These images are more than perfect. Gorgeous.

TTP said...

Wow!! These are Ahhhmazing! So perfect!