October 27, 2014

2015 | ellie be workshops

I'm just a big fan of smiling people.

I love to make people smile and laugh. I love when people light up because they are talking about something they love. When a person is passionate about something, it gets me excited. I strongly dislike small talk, get me to the stuff that really digs deep. 

I've been teaching workshops for the past two years which is INSANE. I can't believe it has been almost two years since I launched my first online workshop. My passion for people, photography + teaching has only grown. I've been praying about the future of workshops for me and I'm really excited about 2015 (and beyond!)

These past few weeks have been filled with Squarespace, writing website content, choosing photos, and planning dates. I'm so excited to announce the first four workshops for 2015... go check out the website for all the information!!


I promise to do my very very best to make these fun, fulfilling, exciting, a fantastic learning experience, and more. We'll be talking about being an authentic artist, storytelling through your photographs, pricing, posing naturally, finding + using light, workflow, building your portfolio, marketing, and anything and everything else.

To start this off on a fun note, I'd love to give away a spot to each of the four workshops I have up now. To enter, go over to Facebook or Instagram for all of the details! Good luck!!


Jianine said...

love this. couldn't agree more! your workshops sound great :)