My first memories of photographing life are of my trip to the Grand Canyon with my dad. We brought a film camera and filled boxes with our panoramic images. I remember nine year old me loved playing with light. Nothing has changed.  I still love adventure and photographing life. 

I grew up with my mom photographing my siblings and I. We have boxes and boxes of film photos documenting our early years.  These candid moments, all captured for posterity, make up our lives. Photography means so much to me because I can tell the ordinary stories of extraordinary people.  I started to use photos to tell stories after I realized that it came so much more naturally to me. I love to tell stories about people because people are complex and diverse. Each person is different and fresh and inspiring. Each person has a story.

A few things I love: laughter /  travel / Jesus / coffee shops / the color gold / community / TV marathons / sunshine / love stories / my family (my five siblings + two incredible parents) /  a good meal //